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Massa Geek is there for you more ways than one. Each division will always provide an estimate for services before we start any work. Read on to determine which option works best for you!

Online Support

Utilizing the latest in internet protocols, our Massa Geek Online Support is able to safely and securely repair your computer remotely while you sit back and watch. With your permission, our Agents can remotely take control of your computer to quickly solve your computer crisis using an encrypted, single-use connection. Whether you just need a quick tune-up or have a serious virus infection which requires a little more tender care, our Online Support can help solve your computer needs. We offer services to assist you in setting up a secure wireless network, an email account on your e-reader, setting up your new MP3 player, and much more.

Whether you need a remote fix, update, troubleshoot or setup of your device, take advantage of the latest technology and obtain support for your device without leaving your home or office. Call us now and we will start your consultation to help determine the best solution for your device. If we are unable to resolve your issues online, we can help schedule an in-store reservation or in-home appointment for more direct assistance.

In-Store Support

Staffed with Massa Geek Agents brandishing the latest in technostress prevention methods, our Massa Geek in-store location specialize in troubleshooting computers, home theater and evenMP3 players. We can help troubleshoot many other electronics and can help reset or update firmware for software issues. Massa Geek in-store is our repair facility. If we can’t solve it at your home, odds are we can at Massa Geek in-store.

Make an in-store reservation to bring it in. Whether it is setting up a new product or repairing one, we'll help determine what you need with a quick consultation and get you checked in.

In-Home and Office Support

The original method for obtaining support from Massa Geek in 2000, our In-Home Agents are on standby. Granted, we have upgraded from the bicycle to our car and we are still beta testing the jetpacks. Our Agents still specialize in everything from computers to home theater installation with the in-person specialized touch that may be required or just preferred. Whether you’re at home or in the office, or in your home office, we can come to you to serve.

Schedule an appointment by contacting 0424-249-222. Whether it’s a virus removal, wireless networking setup, training on your gadgets, troubleshooting your ice maker or installing a home theater that will make your house the envy of all your friends and family, we have the experienced Agents available to meet your every need.

Phone Support

Not quite sure what would work best for you? Never fear, we are here on standby at Mission Control waiting to help you through your moment of need. Much like emergency dispatchers for your technologically induced crisis, Massa Geek is there to talk you down from the brink of disaster.

Call 0424-249-222 and speak to an agent. We will help determine the best solution and work with you to troubleshoot your device. Our Agents can even connect you Online for immediate resolution, or schedule an in-store or in-home appointment to have an Agent assist you directly.

Self Help Support

With so much information available online, the question becomes who can you trust? Well, Massa Geek offers a cornucopia of resources that are field tested by our Agents. Check out our library of two minute miracles, our tech tips, self help links and other resources available in our Do It Yourself section.

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