Speaker Install

Before you go rearranging furniture and tearing down the walls, give us a call. We do this all the time and know how to get the best sound out of your system. We’ll unpack and setup your speakers, program your cable or satellite, and give you a demo. We'll even haul-away your old system if you’d like.

How can we help?



Call to schedule a visit.


Service Options

Hook up and configure new or existing audio and video components
Neatly dress exposed wires
Position speakers to operate up to a 7.1 speaker system
Assembly of customer supplied speaker stands
Basic high-quality speaker wire
Program cable or satellite box remote to operate installed components
Educational demonstration on new system
Clean up and remove packaging
Program the manufacturer's remote control

What are the steps in the installation process?
We will do an initial assessment to investigate everything, mount and wire the speakers, calibrate the speakers and then show you how everything works.

Can I upgrade beyond basic services?
Yes, you can get THX™ certified cables for the inner audiophile.

How many speakers are covered in this installation?
We’ll install anywhere from two to seven speakers and a subwoofer.