Home Theater Consultation

Don’t just watch TV – experience it. Have an Agent do an in-home walk-through, give you installation recommendations and help you chose the right products to optimize your space.

How can we help?



Call to schedule a visit.


Service Options

An opportunity to tell us how you envision your home theater system
Walk-through of your home to determine feasibility in all installation areas
Explanation of items that can and cannot be accomplished
Explanation of problematic areas and recommendations on how to proceed
Assistance with product selection and pricing, if desired
A detailed estimate of work to be performed, including a diagram of the layout
Purchase price of this service, redeemable on any future home theater purchase $499 & up

Will you show me how to switch between DVD player and TV?
We’ll give you a guided setup of the show system and show you how to switch between all of your components.

Can I get HDTV without a flat panel TV?
Your TV has to be HD capable. Best chance is to get a flat panel TV.

Will you help me determine how far away to put my couch from my TV?
We’ll help you arrange your room to get the best picture and sound quality out of your system.

How do I know if my TV is adjusted correctly?
Leave the calibrations up to us. Our Agent will configure your TV perfectly to optimize the colors and levels.