Home Theater Networking

Interact with the Internet like never before. Connect your TV, Blu-ray, TIVO, XBMC, and other home theater components to the Internet and let everything come to you. We love it and know you'll love it too.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking
We can setup your in-home wireless network without breaking a sweat. Setup is only $129.99. We will have you streaming movies and TV shows better than ever before.


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Service Options

Physically setup and configure network settings for 1 router
Complete ISP (internet service provider) setup and connect router to modem 
Update router firmware (if needed)
Give network a unique name (SSID)
Enable wireless encryption on network to safeguard your personal information and secure your broadband signal from use by others
Change administrator username and password
Enable devices to share the Internet, files, printers and other media (including photos, videos and music)
Connect networkable devices to the network (including network-enabled computers, gaming consoles, Blu-ray/DVD players, televisions and more)2 devices included4 devices included
Add an additional deviceadd $79.99add $49.99
Test and repair network and internet connectivity (if needed)

Will my neighbors be able to get on my network?
No. We’ll help you setup a secure network, not even we could hack into. Although, if you like your neighbors, we’ll set you up with a password that you can give to whoever you choose.

Will I be able to get files from one computer to a different computer?
Heck yes, if you have music on an upstairs computer and you’re lounging downstairs, you can access it without leaving the room.

How do I make sure my computer doesn’t get hacked?
Don’t go it alone. We’ll configure a firewall that’ll keep you sleeping sound at night.

Do I need high-speed internet set up before Massa Geek® installs a home network?
Yes, contact your internet provider prior to making your Massa Geek appointment.

Will my WiFi work outside of my house?
Yes, most have a range of a few hundred feet. You can access it from your deck, patio or tree house.